Congregational Care

Congregational Care

Folks at Fishing Creek Salem receive care from and give care to one another in a variety of ways.  Pastor Debbie Heisley-Cato directs the congregational care at FC Salem.  She can be reached at or 717-938-1928.

Meals Ministry

What:     Those recently hospitalized or ill receive a meal.
Who:       Any in need can receive a meal, anyone who wishes may prepare
When:     Meals are prepared by meals ministry members on a rotating
                basis, as the need arises.
Referrals: Made through one of the pastors or the office.

Stephen Ministry

What:       Support for individuals living through major life crises
Who:        Trained team members provide listening and support.
Referrals: Made through the Stephen Ministry team leader or one of the

Hospital Visitation Ministry

What:       Visits to persons during hospital stay
Who:        Pastors and anyone who wishes to serve on the team
Referrals: Made through the a pastor or the Hospital Visitation Ministry.