Serving Ministries


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Rev. Jenny Thomas

Community Pastor

Office: 717-938-1928 ext. 102

Service represents an important part of our mission at Salem, so there are many opportunities to serve each other and the community. Contact Salem's Community Pastor, Jenny Thomas with questions or service opportunities 717-938-1928 or

Find a sample of our service opportunities  below. 

Find the Etters' Help Guide, a guide to helpful services in the Etters' area, HERE.


What:    The church provides sleeping quarters and meals for families experiencing homelessness.
How:     Setting up the living space, preparing meals, donating food, driving the van, sharing in a meal, reading a book to a preschooler, playing a game, staying overnight.
When:     Four weeks a year.


What: Provide shawls for those in need of prayer.
How:  Crochet or knit shawls and pray for recipient.
When: Second Saturday of the month, 10 a.m.

Budget Inn Community Center

What: Salem began hosting a Community Center in a room at the local Budget Inn, when it was discovered that many individuals live at the hotel.
How: Those working with the BICC spend time with the residents, have holiday meals and parties, provide food packages, tutoring, computer help, etc.
When:  The group meets regularly to plan, and meet with residents as needed.


What: Serve neighbors by completing simple home repairs or yard work.
How: Use repair skills to make simple home repairs, paint, or help with work around the yard.
When:  Typically twice a year.


What: Free home-made, family-style meal.
How: Cook, serve, set-up, clean-up, greet, assist with transportation.
When:  Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Susan Schell Memorial SOUL FOOD Ministry & POWERPACS

What: Food provided to families and West Shore School District students .
How: Packing bags of shelf safe food for weekend meals .
When: During the school year


What:  Each Christmas, Salem provides needed items  to local individuals and families who need a little extra help with gifts around Christmas. 
How: Individuals purchase and wrap requested items.
When: Christmastime each year.


What: Helping to keep children in school.
How: Collection of monetary donations, purchasing of lice kits (at a reduced cost), and distributing the kits to the West Shore School District Nurses.
When: August of each year


What: A free gift shop available to the community before Christmas.
How: Individuals donate used household items, clothing, shoes, toys, books etc., help with clean up and set up.
When: Once a year before Christmas.