Keeping Kids Safe

Safe Sanctuary

          Salem has put into place measures to keep children safe while here.  We call these measures, Safe Sanctuaries. Here are a few of the procedures we follow to keep children safe while in our building.

  •  Salem has a "two adult rule," two unrelated adults shall be present  during the church activity.
  •  Salem has "roamers" who travel, unscheduled, from room to room during the Sunday school hours.
  •   At Salem an individual may not supervise a church activity or ministry involving children unless the individual is at least five years older than the oldest child participating in the church activity or ministry.
  •  Each room serving as the location of a church activity or ministry has a window in the door, and the door to the room  remains unlocked, during the church activity or ministry.
  •  Salem has sign in and sign out procedures for each class and the nursery. Parents of children in the nursery, receive pagers should communication with the parents be needed.
  •  Volunteers and staff working with children obtain clearances per Pennsylvania law.

We  began revising our Safe Sanctuary Policies in late 2016 and will make changes  above as they are available. If you have questions about our Safe Sanctuaries' policies, contact Tracey Michelsen at or 938-1928.